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Ancient Philosophy – Videos & Links


A History of Philosophy | 01 The Beginning of Greek Philosophy – Dr. Arthur Holmes
A History of Philosophy | 02 The Moral Universe in the Presocratics – Dr. Arthur Holmes
Thales of Miletus –
Introduction to Thales, Anaximenes, and Anaximander
Introduction to Parmenides – Academy of Ideas
Parmenides – Angie Hobbs
Introduction to Anaxagoras – Academy of Ideas
BBC – In our time – Heraclitus, Melvin Bragg
BBC – In our time – Pythagoras, Melvin Bragg
BBC – In our time – Cosmic Quest, Philosopher Scientists, Melvin Bragg
BBC Ancient Greece The Greatest Show on Earth
Carl Sagan – Cosmos – Democritus
Carl Sagan – Pythagoras & Plato
History of Ideas – Ancient Greece – Academy of Ideas


A History of Philosophy | 03 The Sophists – Dr. Arthur Holmes
History of Western Philosophy: 6. Rhetoric vs Truth, the Sophists vs Socrates


BBC Genius of the Ancient World – Socrates
BBC – In our time – Socrates, Melvin Bragg
The Ideas of Socrates – Academy of Ideas
Greek Philosopher Socrates 


A History of Philosophy | 04 Plato’s Epistemology – Dr. Arthur Holmes
A History of Philosophy | 05 Plato’s Theory of Forms – Dr. Arthur Holmes


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